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Welcome to Jane’s List

by Kirsty on March 28, 2009 · 2 comments

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Welcome to Jane’s List 1.0. This blog has been a labor of love for ours for a while. Every time someone’s raised an eyebrow at us when we’ve said how often we move with our husbands’ jobs. Every time we’ve rewritten our cover letter while job hunting in military markets with scant opportunities. Every time a toilet’s leaked or a pet’s needed surgery while our husbands’ have been deployed. And every time another military wife has asked us, “how do you do it all!”

This blog is for those of you women who do it all. Working full-time in the rat’s race, getting your advanced degree or starting your own business, all while dealing with the unique challenges of being married to a man in the military. Let Jane’s List be your daily resource for career advice and lifehacks. In the coming months we hope to introduce a social networking component and employment resources for military market job hunters. In the meantime, we hope you’ll get to know us and connect with us across all of your communication platforms. Thank you for the opportunity to connect with you!

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