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101 things to send him when he’s deployed 89-98

by Kirsty on July 21, 2009 · 6 comments

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We’re in the homestretch of our list of 101 care package ideas to send your spouse when he’s deployed. Getting to the end of the list reminds of what it’s like to get through the final weeks of a deployment. I remember those weeks being tougher that the first few, and they were even tougher for my husband who was anxious to finally be home again. Keep in mind that in the last 6-8 weeks of his deployment, you don’t want to send him anything that will last longer than his last leg overseas. But why not have fun with it? Send him items to get him pumped up and prepared for his long trip home.

89. Remind him how much you appreciate his service and support your USO at the same time by picking up patriotic Sweethearts at K-Mart or Dollar General.

90. A copy of your local paper. He’ll have his favorite sports page back soon enough!

91. Boost his spirits with a box of his favorite nostalgic candy from the 60s, 70s or 80s. Get it at Cracker Barrel.

92. Make your own book of crossword puzzles for him, filled with your favorite inside jokes.

93. My guy eats peanut butter on anything. Try a jar from Peanut Butter & Co. for funky flavor.

94. Dried fruit has strong, sweet flavors and is very vitamin rich.

95. Help him blow off some steam with silly string or a pack of water balloons

96. Tide Pen or Shout Wipes. Will help clean up if there’s an emergency spill en route home

97. 100 Calorie Snack Packs will fit nicely in his pockets for the trip home

98. Help him freshen up when he gets off the plane – a cologne sampler or travel-size deodorant will do the trick

Photo courtesy of NECCO Sweethearts

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  • Rhonda

    WARNING: Silly string will explode under extreme heat. I had some sitting in a leather bag in my car on a warm summers day and it exploded. The leather bag was blown to pieces and there was silly string all over in my car.

  • Xavemomma

    Where’s the rest of the list?

  • Xavemomma

     Nevermind, I think I’ve found it…

  • Kbelluhhx0

    Where is the rest of the list!??

  • Kbelluhhx0

    Nvm got it!

  • M

    Cute list… I’ve liked almost everything.. but like, not all guys are into sports, so include nerdy stuff?

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